True Nature Coaching

Therapy and life coaching in Nature

Helen Edwards, psychologist and outdoor coach, Voorne aan Zee

I’m a lover of people and a lover of nature. That, in essence, is what I’m about. Hence a study in psychology followed by training as an outdoor coach. I’ve had my own practice in nature since 2013.

Born in the UK and living in Holland since I was 22, I’m at home in both cultures. And I certainly know what it’s like to face the challenges of settling into a new country. It’s given me a wide breadth of experience and a real passion for personal growth.

Areas Of Expertise

My intention is to get you moving again. Figuratively speaking. All kinds of things get us feeling stuck in life, with a clouded sense of self and a lack of direction. During a Walk & Talk in nature we’ll deal with those issues which are holding you back so that you can step through to the next – happier and healthier – stage.

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