Are you feeling stuck in your work or private life? Do you no longer know which direction to take? Are you looking for inspiration and confidence to make the next step in your life’s journey?

Coaching in nature will help you to get out of your mind and reconnect with who you are deep down. To be true to yourself and to do the things which you feel are meaningful and worthwhile. And which make you happy!

Ring true? Then I’m here to help you. I’m Helen Edwards and I work as a psychologist and nature coach in Wassenaar, close to The Hague and Leiden. Read here what clients say.

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Helen Edwards -outdoor psychologist-wandelcoach

Individual coaching

1 to 1 coaching to insire and support you, step by step. Create the change you long for in your life, work and relationships.

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2-3 day coaching retreat

Take a break to get a perspective on things. Are you putting your energy into the right things? Do you need to find more balance in your life?

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Mindful walks in nature

Group walks with varying themes. Mindful walking and exercises to deepen your connection with nature and with yourself.

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