About me

About me

In a nutshell, I’m a native English psychologist, working outdoors in the area close to Wassenaar, The Hague and Leiden. (South Holland).

Three things have been pretty consistent throughout my lifetime: a warmth and caring for people, the search for meaning, and a great love of being in nature. I’m happiest when all three are combined, which of course is now the case in my work!

As a coach

When clients describe me, they often say that I am gentle, non-judgmental and strong. They feel accepted and challenged by me. My intuition and analytical skills bring clarity and movement to the situation, as life themes are quickly laid bare. I know when to confront and I know when to be quiet and let nature do her work. Which I mean literally: I have a great respect for the interplay of nature, elements, seasons and weather and how they bring ‘magic’ to a coaching session. I’ll walk beside you, support you and encourage you on that rewarding and sometimes nerve-wracking journey to the best of who you are.

My background

I grew up in the UK (1966) and moved to the Netherlands when I was 23 years old. Here I raised a family, worked, learnt fluent Dutch and trained as a psychologist at Leiden University. My first psychology job took me into work-related coaching and assessments and later I worked in a depression clinic. I trained as ‘wandelcoach’ (nature coach) at Atma Insitute and have had my own outdoor coaching practice since 2013, working both in Dutch and English.

The way I see things

I believe that when we feel stuck, lost or in crisis, we’re  being asked to embark upon an inner journey. What we ‘had’ no longer works, where we are going is no longer clear. In this way, difficult circumstances can provide the gateway to change and growth, if we let them, thereby enriching our life and those of others around us.

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