True Nature Coaching

Helen Edwards

Outdoor psychologist and nature coach

I experience my life as a journey. A move overseas, aged 22, triggered that feeling and it’s never really left me. My biggest question is: What does it mean to remain true to yourself, authentic, in what you do?

Nature has always been my closest ally; a source of inspiration, tranquillity and healing. That’s why I complimented my psychologist degree with training as an outdoor coach. And why all of my therapy sessions take place in nature. 


More about me

I grew up in the north-east of England, in an area renowned for it’s beautiful countryside (Yorkshire) and it’s closed emotions. My move to the more open-minded culture in Holland addressed a lot of aspects in myself, which led to a career in psychology and a keen interest in all matters concerning self-awareness and meaning and purpose in life. 

In my free time, you’ll find me walking in nature, doing yoga, dancing, painting or reading. Or spending time with friends and my two grown-up daughters.

Professional Experience

During my psychology degree, and for many years afterwards, I worked in occupational psychology. (2004). I was employed by a company offering job-related assessments and coaching.

By 2013, I was ready for a change and it had become clear to me that I wanted to go outdoors. That’s when I started my own nature coaching business. I now combine my work as an outdoor psychologist with work as a Mental Healthcare Practitioner at three GP practices in The Hague.

As a coach

When clients describe me as a coach, they often refer to the speed with which I uncover deep-rooted issues, using nature as a mirror. They experience me as open and friendly, pragmatic and intuitive. And also willing to challenge and confront when stagnation threatens to occur.

The spiral which you see in my logo defines my approach. Movement is both inward (feelings, convictions, pain etc. ) and outward (what is therefore the next step to take?) in a continually evolving process.

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