Coaching in nature: how it works

Coaching in nature

So what makes coaching in nature so special, you may be wondering? This relatively new form of coaching is intuitive, creative and “down to earth”. Different elements are combined, as you can read below.

Just a "walk & talk"

A walk through woods or on the beach provides an informal, relaxed setting for coaching. No uncomfortable silences or uneasy eye contact, to make you tense up and lose contact with yourself. That makes self-exploration much easier.

Mirrors in nature

During the coaching walk, nature mirrors what’s going on inside of you. A rich spectrum of images and sounds provides you with metaphors and symbols for the process which you’re going through. That helps you develop powerful and lasting insights.

Unconscious patterns

Your unconscious behavior is reflected back to you. The paths you take, the things you see, how you respond – this reveals a lot about how you go through your daily life and helps you understand which inner drives, feelings and beliefs underlie your behaviour.

Your body knows more than your mind

We’ll often integrate the things we come across, such as trees, paths, crossroads etc. into a simple exercise. At such moments, by listening to your body, you’ll discover your own inner compass. This goes beyond thought and opens you up to the right choice or solution for you at the present moment.

Nature is so much more than just a backdrop

Being in nature gives a deep feeling of connection and communication, which touches you to the core. There are also physical and mental benefits to being in nature, leading to less stress, improved mood, concentration, creativity and problem-solving abilities. A powerful combination when you want to get a new perspective on things!

Book your intake walk and find out for yourself. You’re very welcome.

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