I have been supported by Helen throughout most of 2020 and she has been the best coach one could wish for. An empathetic, level headed and calm person who is not shy to tell you, in a very kind and professional manner, that your brain is going bonkers and leads it back to rationality. A session Helen is always fun, there is understanding and kindness, but also humour and the magic of nature just adds to your wellbeing. Helen gets your true nature out of you, so that you can follow the path that is meant for you. The best coach I have every worked with and I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful person.


Moving a few thousand kilometers to a new country to start a life with someone that has only been in your life for a short period of time adds to the complexity of a relationship, but also makes you question everything, your up-bringing, customs, etc.  and for a long time I was hiding my “forgotten reality”, but also myself.  If everything you have ever know gets taken away by a choice you make, it adds guilt and instability to who you think you are. 

I knew that I needed help and that I needed to “find myself” again. Having the walking sessions with Helen was more than I could of hoped for. Helen provided me with the tools to help myself moving forward and gave me the believe to start trusting my intuition and myself again, after I had left my whole life behind to start again.


I’m not ashamed to say that I had a burnout. Helen really helped me through it and taught me a lot about myself. The fact that the sessions were outdoors made them intimate and yet open. It is so much more pleasant to talk when walking, especially through beautiful woods! Helen already unveiled my biggest problems in the first session but took the time to fit them into the greater picture. Even if you think you’re mentally healthy, I can still recommend that you do a few sessions with Helen. It is so enlightening!

Lein Goudzwaard

Helen has a calming influence and knows how to confront in a good way. Based upon my previous experience with a psychologist, I know that just one session with Helen is perhaps equal to 6 to 8 sessions elsewhere. The walk and breathing techniques bring you very quickly in contact with your own energy. And playing visually with the nature elements helps you form a picture of the present moment, where you want to go, and how you would like to see yourself. It gives guidance and helps you think clearly. For me, the coaching was an opening to really choosing for myself and a mirror that being a giver is not a problem as long as it is not at the expense of yourself.

Sabrina Alberti

Searching for a coach after a difficult end to a great job, I ended up on Helen’s website. Her beautiful, clear site appealed to me, and in the proliferation of coaches I found it comforting to know she was a psychologist as well. I felt at ease with Helen from the very first walk. She coaches in a very pleasant manner, quickly sensing what you are dealing with and calmly asking exactly the right questions. As a result, each session brought me a little further and I always went home with a sense of clarity.

As the coaching sessions progressed, my confidence grew and I found it easier to choose my own path, both in the woods and in my life. More and more fun opportunities appeared, such as a new part-time job and my first assignment as a self-employed person. Now, instead of being sad about the loss of my job, I am glad that I quit it. Outdoor life coaching with Helen really enriched my life!


As a coach I found you very easy to talk to. The right mix of soft on the relationship, sometimes harder on the content, especially when I needed to move on something. You asked the right questions and kept silent at the right moments. You offered me all the safety I needed to start the process. I gained insight each time and at the times when I felt the most stuck, the walk helped me breathe again. I’d like to make a special mention of the recordings at the end of a walk. They’re good to listen to after the session, because you hear your own words, voice and emotions. That’s unique.


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