Stress or burn-out

How does outdoor coaching help you recover from burn-out? Body and mind in nature.

  • You’re overflowing with emotion and fatigue and feel that everything is too much. 
  • You’re tense and have a short fuse (which you don’t notice in time).  
  • You take on more and more work whilst telling yourself “Come on, this feeling will pass.” 
  • Until the day comes when you hit the wall and can’t go on any longer.  

Paying attention to your body will help you regain balance

During the first few weeks after being diagnosed with burn-out, it’s especially important to connect with your body. Walking in the fresh air will encourage the production of endorphin, a hormone that facilitates repair, rest and a feeling of well-being. Added to that, I’ll help you to “ground” using breathing, mindfulness and walking exercises. These will enable you to get out of your head (worrying) and into your body. When your energy is centered in your lower abdomen, (“gut feeling”), it’s easier for you to stay in balance.   

Awareness of your thinking patterns means you have a choice

The second phase is about gaining self-understanding and learning to deal differently with stress. Nature helps you reflect and gives perspective so that you can detect unhealthy patterns and beliefs. You’ll also learn to recognize the moments when you say “yes” when you feel “no” and how to react differently. This helps you to feel less controlled by your surroundings and makes it easier for you to maintain your boundaries when returning to work.  

Burnout and self-reflection: what gives you energy?

People with burn-out often experienced a period of feeling less and less enthusiastic about their work. They no longer know what value they add to it nor what value work gives them. We’ll look at this more deeply during the coaching process. After all, you want to know what raises your energy level, what lightens your heart? And to look at how this fits into your work so that you can create more satisfaction and pleasure in your daily activities in the long run. 

Talking to your employer

During this process, I’ll help you to communicate with your work. In my experience this is something that people find rather daunting to do. They’re not used to talking about themselves and the temptation is high to give answers to others which you think they want to hear. It’s often quite an eye-opener and positive experience to realise that your company doctor or manager is prepared to support you.   

Back to work

Within a few months you’ll probably, like most people, be back at work. Maybe not full-time, but at least you’re back on your feet. Because you’re now able to listen to yourself properly and feel more confident in communication, you’re now able to take charge of your further recovery. And by scheduling an occasional outdoor coaching session with me, you can make sure you stay on the right path. 

Want to know more about outdoor coaching for burn-out?

Would you like to find out how I, as an outdoor psychologist and nature coach, can support you nature during your burn-out? Book an introductory walk in Meijendel, Wassenaar. 

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