Outdoor Coaching

We all know how easy it is to go out for a walk and a good talk. Side by side, in an ever-changing, natural environment, it seems easy to open up and discuss what’s really on our mind.

That’s just one of the strengths of outdoor (walking) coaching. Add to that the symbols we find in nature, mindfulness and physical activity and you can see how this relatively new form of coaching can lead to powerful insights and lasting change.

Treatment Specialties

Mild depression

When we feel depressed, we lose sight of ourself and our environment. Getting out of bed is a struggle; focus and meaning are gone; hopelessness clouds the day. However hard it may seem, it's important to remain active and meet your demons. Let me show you how.

Stress and Burn-out

Many of us experience periods in life when work and private issues add up so much that we're unable to cope. Stress and burn-out are common problems which require rest, perspective, self-insight and new choices. A perfect example of how crisis can lead to growth.


The hyperfocus on what could go wrong, the fear of judgement and the continual self-criticism. Not to mention the physical symptoms it may incur. Anxiety may never leave you completely, but it doesn't need to cast a shadow on every day. .

Loss and change

Yourr life may suddenly have entered a different phase, Bereavement, divorce, redundancy, a move abroad leaving friends and family behind: Do you need help to adjust and negotiatie the times ahead?

Work-related issues

Work challenges and decisions are high on the agenda for most of us. Questions like "What direction should I take?" or "How can I resolve this conflict?" are a good reason to start looking at your personal strengths and weaknesses, desires and effectiveness

Meaning & Purpose

The meaning we attach to our self, the world around us, and our role within it forms our story. The aims and goals we commit to, if congruent, define our purpose. Both are vital to our wellbeing as well as crucial to who we are. They give us the sense of a life well-lived.

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