What is nature coaching?

Coaching in nature

In contrast to traditional coaching indoors, I’ll take you out for a “walk & talk” in nature where it’s much easier to get a broader perspective on things. Read on to find out what makes nature coaching so different to other forms of coaching

Mirrors in nature

Which path do you take? To which landscape do you feel drawn? Nature offers a mirror to gain insight into yourself and your situation. A rich spectrum of images, symbols and metaphors unfolds in nature. Answers to questions are often unexpectedly simple and powerful.

Empty your mind

During an outdoor coaching session it’s much easier to clear your head and unwind. The rhythmic movement of walking improves coordination between the brain hemispheres and endorphins are released, which give a positive and relaxed feeling. All this ensures that you can relax, be more creative and better at seeing solutions.

Body & mind balance

Not only your head but also your body is a source of information. A coaching walk strengthens the connection between reasoning and feeling, making you more aware of physical signals. By listening to your body, you’ll discover your own inner compass and that will help you sense which choice or solution is right for you at the moment.

Health effects of coaching in nature

Science also supports coaching in nature. Research has shown that nature coaching is effective for burnout, stress complaints and concentration problems. It has been proven that job satisfaction, self-esteem, enthusiasm, hope and satisfaction increase after walking coaching.

Would you like to experience outdoor coaching?

Book your intake walk at Meijendel in Wassenaar and find out for yourself. You’re very welcome.

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